Towards a better quality of life

Peer to peer lending with Leap gives you the opportunity to improve not just your financial wellbeing, but others too.

Our goal is to support everyone in their journey to financial freedom, so we offer competitive rates for both investors and borrowers alike, incentives for staying on track and paying off your debt, and tips on financial wellbeing. Let’s thrive together.

How we’re doing it

  • Building Relationships

    We connect investors to borrowers who have been extensively vetted and are looking to streamline their current debts into one monthly repayment. We can offer both sides competitive rates compared to traditional methods of financing.

  • Better Rates For All

    As we’re online, unlike traditional banks, we’re able to keep our overheads and costs low. We pass this saving onto you with better rates and lower fees - if any fees at all! Wave goodbye to the middle man.

  • Invest For The Better

    Diversify your income with peer to peer lending and you can make up to 5% returns over 1-5 years. There are no fees to get involved and you can join our community from as little as £50. Invest to better someone’s life. Start investing today.

  • Pay Less, Live More

    With a peer to peer loan, you can refinance your current high-interest debts to make lower monthly repayments. With Leap, you can pay back more without penalties and free up your money. Get a free quote and start borrowing.

  • Rewards

    We want you to stay on track or better still smash your goals. So, to sweeten the deal, we’ll lower your monthly repayments when you reduce your overall debt with our exclusive dynamic rate.

  • Never Stop Learning

    The future starts now. Explore our blog to discover tips and insights that will help you build the skills to transform your financial future. From the basics to budgeting, to building a diverse investment portfolio - we’ve got you covered.

Why we’re different

Leap allows people to help each other. By adding Leap to the equation everyone has the opportunity to better their situation and put extra money in their pocket.

  • Simplify
    Fair and Simple

    Securing your financial future should be a fair and simple process. We use technology to make the lending process faster and more efficient, starting with an easy application process.

    To make sure that everyone in our community can thrive we create plans that are flexible for your finances. For borrowers, we have incentives, like our Dynamic Rate, to keep you on track. For lenders, we allow you to either automatically reinvest or withdraw as suits you. 


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    Transparent P2P

    Peer to peer loans are a match between individual borrowers with investors who are looking to make a return. 

    Since we do everything online rather than in branches, we're able to lower our costs and pass the savings on to our customers. Borrowers benefit from lower rates and investors earn a healthy return, while knowing they've made a difference to each other.

    We charge a one-off administrative fee when setting up your loan. We will also collect a monthly borrowing fee with your repayments, to cover our services. We also charge a late payment fee for missed payments.

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    Trusted team

    We are financial and technical experts regulated by the FCA and united by a shared purpose: to make finance benefit both borrower and investor.

    We have built our peer to peer platform with safety and security as our priority because when it comes to your money, there's no compromise. 

    Want to talk? Connect with our expert customer service team on chat. Alternatively, you can email or call us.

Building financial skills

Our goal is to improve financial wellbeing. A loan or investment can be a step towards enjoying a better financial future. But we want to go further and add to that support with tips and insights to develop the skills you need to take control of your finances.

Discover the basics, budgeting techniques, building your future and beyond.

Go Beyond



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