5 Apps To Help You Save Your Money in 2020

We could all do with saving a little extra money, right?

So, we tried and tested the best apps you can download to help you save money.

Money Saving Apps


Whether you need to cut down on social spending or work on putting more money towards your emergency fund, there’s most definitely an app to help you do it! Take a look to see which ones are worth the space on your phone. 


Life is expensive. You know it. I know it. We could write an epic novel filled with the million and one ways that the life is a drain on your bank account (as well as your energy and perhaps your ability to believe in human kind). 

One of the big unnecessary but absolutely necessary expenses of living in London is the price of socialising. 

Going out for dinner to anywhere more expensive than ‘Spoons can leave you with the bad taste of spending guilt. So, like almost any problem in 2019 – there’s an app for that! Meet (and quickly download) Tail. 

Tail is a cashback app / extension which has partnered with various food and drink spots in town, to allow you to earn cashback into your Monzo or Revolut account. Genius. 

Is Tail worth it?

If you’re more likely to grab a meal out in central over staying in and cooking, then it’s definitely worth downloading. 

It’s not going to build a savings pot but it will make grabbing a quick coffee in Notes or a bowl of pasta at Bella Italia a little more guilt-free. 

Sidenote: Tail is now rolling out partnerships across the UK – not just London! 

Too Good To Go

Managing your money isn’t entirely about managing your money, it’s about managing all areas of your life so it doesn’t completely disrupt your finances. 

Too Good To Go eases the spending AND reduces food-waste AND you get to eat delicious things. Win Win Win. 

Too Good To Go


The app partners with local restaurants and bakeries to sell of the remaining goods at a (usefully) discounted price at the end of the day. You pay around £3-£4 for a magic bag et voila – you’ve got croissants for the week. 

Is Too Good To Go worth it?

If you go for a coffee and croissants on a weekly or daily basis and pay full whack, then it is 100%, absolutely worth it. Pastries for days. 

It’s also a good way of picking up restaurant standard dinners to take home for dinner. So if you’re not big on cooking – this could be a winner. If you’re not a fan of the element of surprise (the magic bags means there’s no guarantee of what you’ll get) this is not worth your phone’s storage space. 


Karma is very similar to Too Good To Go except without the mystery of the magic bag. Every evening a number of specific items will be added at a discount to the app, where you can buy them directly. 

Once again, it’s a great way to pick up a cheap dinner or tomorrow’s lunch whilst saving food wastage. Because you know exactly what you’re buying, it’s easier to plan your meals. 

Is Karma worth it?

If you’re not a fan of the element of surprise but still want to do your bit for the world by buying wastage food then Karma is the app for you. 

The best deal we’ve spotted is the Poke Bowls reduced from £10 to £3.50. Would recommend eating ASAP though. Raw tuna doesn’t keep forever.


Chances are if you work in an office in central London you’ll already know about Mealpal. 

Mealpal chat comes in waves through the office like gossip or the email about free cake in the kitchen. 

Patty And Bun


If you haven’t heard of it already, Mealpal is a pre-paid lunch app which partners with restaurants in your local area. Think Busaba Eathai, Patty and Bun, Island Pole and all your local London lunchtime favourites.

You pay for 12 or 20 meals up front and get them for a set rate. Most of the time, the meals are pre-prepared and ready for you to skip the queue. 

Book in the night before to allow yourself the most amount of time to drool over what you’ve got for lunch tomorrow. 

Is Mealpal worth it?

If having Patty and Bun for a fraction of the price everyday seems like a good idea, Mealpal will take your delicate hand and waltz you into a carb dance. 

Seriously though – if you’re not up to cooking your lunch the night before and you’re sick of paying £10 for a sandwich and a packet of crisps from Pret, this app is a good way to test out a variety of meals at a set price. Handy for budgeting and really handy for getting discount Patty and Bun. 

Did we mention that we liked Patty and Bun?


Nez is fairly similar to Mealpal. 

The difference is that you’re not tied into a subscription-style contract, but you’re also not getting as big of a discount as the Mealpal introductory rates can offer. 

The Nez app is one that partners with London-local eateries (sorry rest-of-UK) to get discounts across specific meals and items. You order the meal before you go into store and show your phone at the till, collecting points as you go. 

And what do points make? More discounts, apparently! 

Is Nez Worth It?

If you avoid packed lunch like the plague or if you’ve used up all your introductory Mealpal meals and you resent paying full price for your favourite Lebanese lunch, then Nez is your next step. 

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