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Payday: Spend Or Save?

When it comes to payday, what’s the first thing you do? I think we all know what the answer should be.  But life isn’t that simple. And the rush of […]

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The Best Savings Apps in 2020

From micro-saving to AI financial advisors Much like a new pair of trainers can somehow renew your love for exercise and muster the motivation to get you back in the […]

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What is F.I.R.E?

Retiring early. Doesn’t that sound nice? Being completely free from the constraints of money or the bank or work. There’s a whole movement of people working towards exactly that. The […]

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5 Millennials Talk Emergency Funds

Everything is awesome. Until it isn’t. No matter how secure you feel, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. #YellowHammer your life. So how do you prepare for the worst-case-scenario? […]

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