Should You Invest During COVID-19?

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he impact of COVID-19 on the financial industry has been unprecedented. And investment portfolios across the board have taken a massive hit during this time. 

However, our peer-to-peer platform has remained relatively untouched by the crisis. As investments in P2P rely on repayments from people and not on the market as a whole, Leap has remained stable during this incredibly volatile time. 

The Peer-To-Peer Market During Coronavirus 

Peer-to-peer platforms invest the lender’s money to fund parts of multiple loans. 

The interest accrued relies on borrower’s repayments, so with a high-quality portfolio of borrowers that have been credit and affordability checked, the impact of COVID-19 has been minimal. 

Whilst other markets have experienced high voaltility and the financial industry struggles to recover from the global crisis, the peer-to-peer market has remained stable. 

P2P: Invest in People 

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to invest during this time, P2P can allow your investments to perform, whilst helping others achieve their financial goals. 

Our goal is to build a community where everyone can thrive together. While you benefit from a high return rate and diversified income, your investment will be used to help others consolidate their high-interest debts. 

When you invest in Leap’s peer to peer platform you are giving someone else the opportunity to get out of debt and build a financial future for themselves. 

We use incentives, like our Dynamic Rate, to encourage borrowers to stay on track and pay off their debts quicker. We also allow them to pay back more or pay their loan off entirely without any penalties because we believe financial freedom is a good thing. 

Should You Invest During COVID-19?

Now’s the time to invest in the community. 

And you can feel confident lending your money into a stable investment opportunity. 

In order to protect both our borrowers and our investors, we employ a number of integral vetting techniques to make sure that everyone can thrive and the chance of losing money through defaults is reduced. 

Using OpenBanking, we’re able to thoroughly and accurately assess our borrower’s affordability, minimising the risk of defaults or missed payments – which minimises the risk to our investors.  

As our borrowers pay down their debts and build up their financial wellbeing, P2P allows everyone to work towards their financial goals with little effect from the wider financial market. 

So, should you invest in P2P? All P2P investments carry risk and will not be protected by the FSCS, so make sure you’ve fully explored and understood the various risks involved and how we manage them

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