Refinance for the better

Our aim is to streamline your debts into one lower monthly repayment, so you’ll have more cash freed up to do more of what you love. To help you stay on track, we’ll reduce your monthly payment if you work towards paying off your total debt. We’ll also let you pay it back early, or increase your monthly repayments, without any penalties - because we want you to thrive!

The smarter way to borrow money

  • Secure and Simple

    Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to thrive. Securing your financial future should be a fair and simple process. We use technology to make the lending process faster and more efficient, starting with an easy application process.

    We’ve built our peer to peer platform with your money in mind. Security and safety are Leap’s primary focus and we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • More Money For You

    Because we’re a peer to peer platform and we operate entirely online, we’re able to cut out the middle man and pass on our savings to you. This means we can offer competitively low-interest rates which will allow you to free up more money to pay back your debts or put it towards doing more of what you love.

    Each quarter, if your debt is not more than 5% above your overall debt amount at the point of application (excluding mortgages), a reduction of your monthly payment will take place, putting extra money in your pocket.

  • Be Transparent

    We’re transparent about the process so you know exactly what you’re paying for and can take control of your finances.

    We charge a one-off administrative fee when setting up your loan. We will also collect a monthly borrowing fee with your repayments, to cover our services. We also charge a late payment fee for missed payments.

    Because we want you to build towards financial freedom, you can pay more each month or pay off your personal loan early, with no penalties.

As an investor, your money is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Your capital is at risk.
Find out more on our Investing Risks page.

As a borrower, not making repayments on time will negatively impact your credit score.
Find out more on our Borrowing Risks page.

Find out more on our Investing Risks and Borrowing Risks pages.

Help & Support

We’re here to help
Peer to peer v2
We’re here to help

Still have questions? Get in touch with our support team for help or more information.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Call us:

  0203 887 7154

Postal address:

  Leap, FKS House, 40-44 Newman Street, London, W1T 1QD


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