Personal Loans With A Difference

Apply for an unsecured personal loan from 8%.

Our aim is to streamline your debts with low-interest peer-to-peer borrowing, so you’ll have more money to do more of what you love.

As a borrower, not making repayments on time will negatively impact your credit score.

Streamline your debts into one easy, monthly repayment by borrowing from £500 up to £15,000 with interest rates from 8%.

Spread your repayments from 12-60 months to suit your budget, so you can meet your financial goals.

Want to pay off your debts early? We won’t charge you for paying back your P2P loan ahead of schedule because we want to champion you taking control of your finances.

Once you’ve consolidated your debts, you’ll only have one repayment to make once a month so it’s easy to track your payments and avoid any hiccups.

The smarter way to borrow money from people online

Secure and Simple

Our aim is to make borrowing money online more ethical so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Securing your financial future should be a fair and simple process. We use technology to make the lending process faster and more efficient, starting with an easy application process.

We’ve built our peer-to-peer borrowing platform with your money in mind. Security and safety are Leap’s primary focus.

More Money For You

We can offer competitively low-interest rates on our personal loans which will allow you to refinance, consolidate your debts or put it towards doing more of what you love.

Each quarter, if your debt is not more than 5% above your overall debt amount at the point of application (excluding mortgages), a reduction of your monthly payment will take place, putting extra money in your pocket.

Be Transparent

We’re transparent about the process so you know exactly what you’re paying for and can take control of your finances.

We charge a one-off administrative fee when setting up your peer-to-peer loan. We will collect a monthly borrowing fee with your repayments, to cover our services. We also charge a late payment fee for missed payments.

Because we want you to work towards financial freedom, you can pay more each month or pay off your personal loan early, with no penalties.

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The rate you are offered will vary based on your credit history, the terms requested, and loan affordability. We will confirm your rate when you receive your personalised quote. Protect your credit score with a soft search.
Our Community
Our community
Easy application process, personal touch – helping hand with finances
Thomas | Buckinghamshire | Department Manager
Our Community
Our Community
Like the idea of peer to peer lending and Leap’s approach to helping people get out of debt rather than just another loan.
Penny | Greater London
Our community
We used the loan for cash flow during a house renovation… a fantastic product and service.
Emma | London
Our community
Good website and easy to complete. decent rate and a lot cheaper than I was paying elsewhere.
Angie | London
Our community
Was new to investing in P2P, but the staff were helpful and explained how it works well. Good return on investment and secure.
Rob | Essex
Our community
The application process is quick and easy. The customer service is second to none and they are always very responsive with any queries. Investing is simple and im making 10 times what I would in interest from a bank account!
Sally | Worthing
Our community
The APR was far better than I expected which meant I was saving over £200 a month on my outgoings.
Paul | Rochford
Our community
I am now clear of all credit cards and can sleep easier knowing that I’m headed in the right direction and my debts are actually getting paid off.
Max | Croydon
Our community
Totally recommend this company and if your looking to make a positive step into a better financial life then look no further.
Trevor | London

As a borrower, not making repayments on time will negatively impact your credit score.
Find out more on our Borrowing Risks page.

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