As an investor, your money is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). There are circumstances where you will lose some or all your money.
Find out more on our Investing Risks page.

As a borrower, not making repayments on time will negatively impact your credit score.
Find out more on our Borrowing Risks page.

Find out more on our Investing Risks and Borrowing Risks pages.

Refinance for the better

With lower monthly repayments, you’ll free up cash to do more of what you love.

The smarter way to borrow money

  • Fast, efficient process

    Our online technology makes borrowing simpler and quicker, starting with the application process.

  • Freeing up cash through our Dynamic Rate

    Each quarter, if your debt is not more than 5% above your overall debt amount at the point of application (excluding mortgages), a reduction of your monthly payment will take place, putting extra money in your pocket.

  • No hidden fees

    We charge a one-off administrative fee when setting up your loan.

    We will also collect a monthly borrowing fee with your repayments, to cover our services.

    We also charge a late payment fee for missed payments.

  • Pay more, no penalty

    You can pay more each month or pay off your personal loan early, with no penalties.

  • Building skills

    We’ll share tips and insights to help you develop your financial skills.

Help & Support

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