For many happier returns

Our goal is for everyone in our community to thrive. When you invest in Leap not only will you be earning competitive return rates, but you'll also be helping someone become debt free. Let's work towards a better financial future together.

Investment calculator

£ 50
£ 100,000
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Fixed Term

3 Years

Projected total earnings

${data.future_value | currency}

This is made up of the original amount invested and the interest earned
Projected monthly earnings

${perMonth | currency}

This is made up of a portion of the original amount invested and the interest earned
Projected rate of return

${data.ear * 100}%

This is our suggested rate which is subject to change over time
Earnings subject to tax

You will need to declare your earnings to HMRC in your tax return. 

As with every investment, this does carry a risk. Your capital is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). View investing risks for more detail.

About your investment

  • Lending direct

    At Leap you lend direct to your peers, with agreements where they are contracted to repay you, in instalments, at a fixed rate.

  • We manage risk

    As well as vetting all borrowers, we reward those who reduce their overall debt, giving up part of our fees to lower their payments. Your investments are always diversified by a minimum of five borrowers.

  • Choose your rate

    We will suggest a rate, or you can set your own. This will be the minimum you earn - you could be matched at a higher rate.

  • Matched with borrowers

    We match every investment to at least five borrowers. The more diversified your are to different borrowers the lower your exposure to risk.

  • Monthly repayments

    Each loan will deliver a monthly repayment comprised of a portion of the original amount lent and the interest due on the loan, which will automatically be reinvested; or you can choose to withdraw it as cash.

  • Monthly Communications

    We will send you monthly updates of the performance of your investment including the performance of each of your underlying loans.



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